The Velvet Touch – 99¢!

Get your Ebook copy of The Velvet Touch Sept. 18-25 for just 99¢!                            

Luke and Allie are a young, newly-married couple living in the
suburbs of Colorado, about to start a family together and with
what most would describe as a perfect life. They are so much in
love with each other and this new life they have begun, that
they are clearly under the impression that nothing can tarnish
this wonderful world they live in. Unbeknownst to Luke and Allie,
an intruder is about to make their perfect little world come
crashing down around them. Not only does evil touch them but
in fact, it infiltrates their lives. This evil comes in the form of
Velvet – a young woman who is desperate to gain access to
Luke and his life, without the burden of Allie. Even as Luke and
Allie begin to realize what is happening, they rationalize and
create explanations for unexplainable occurrences simply
because they cannot believe what is in fact true – someone has
been in their house. Not only has someone been in their house,
but that someone, has spent hour upon hour rummaging
through each and every drawer, closet, cupboard, and room.
Who is this person and what does she want? When will she
stop? Or will she?

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