Being Grateful

Life sucks sometimes. Bad things are going to happen. People get sick, people die, arguments happen, accidents happen. That is just life. But… focusing on the negative leaves no room for the happiness. Think of it like a garden. When you pay attention to something in your garden it grows (like giving it sun, water, soil) and visa versa when you don’t pay attention to something it can’t grow. In your brain, when you focus on the negative, it kind of makes WEEDS grow. You know how weeds are – they take over!!!!  Well, if you’re constantly focused on the weeds, they overtake the space in your brain (garden). Then there is just not enough room for the flowers or “positive thoughts.” A habit of being grateful or finding the good will overpower these weeds.

Get into a pattern or routine of finding things to be grateful for each day and eventually, it will seem like second nature. I use this book to help me get into the pattern: The Magic (28 days of gratefulness) Amazon. You will be able to pull 3-4 things from your head at any given moment that you are grateful for.  Then, even when things “suck,” you’ll begin to be able to find some good. So today, RIGHT NOW, write down at least 5 things you are grateful for and then… do it every single day!

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