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Being Grateful

Life sucks sometimes. Bad things are going to happen. People get sick, people die, arguments happen, accidents happen. That is just life. But… focusing on the negative leaves no room for the happiness. Think of it like a garden. When you pay attention to something in your garden it grows (like giving it sun, water, soil) and visa versa when you don’t pay attention to something it can’t grow. In your brain, when you focus on the negative, it kind of makes WEEDS grow. You know how weeds are – they take over!!!!  Well, if you’re constantly focused on the weeds, they overtake the space in your brain (garden). Then there is just not enough room for the flowers or “positive thoughts.” A habit of being grateful or finding the good will overpower these weeds.

Get into a pattern or routine of finding things to be grateful for each day and eventually, it will seem like second nature. I use this book to help me get into the pattern: The Magic (28 days of gratefulness) Amazon. You will be able to pull 3-4 things from your head at any given moment that you are grateful for.  Then, even when things “suck,” you’ll begin to be able to find some good. So today, RIGHT NOW, write down at least 5 things you are grateful for and then… do it every single day!

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Breathe!!!!!!!!! And Breathe Some More!

As a mommy… sometimes I want to scream or just leave! As a teacher… my patience is tested (I mean really tested). We all have days, hours, or minutes of stressed out, completely overwhelmed feelings. Breathe. Take a moment and take five breaths. Inhale through your nose. Exhale through your mouth. Feel your belly move out on the inhale and in on the exhale. Any change in your breathing pattern for just 3-5 breaths will change your state of mind. Allow yourself a moment. Breathe in and breathe out. Practice different kinds of breaths: slower on the inhale and faster on the exhale (or the opposite), try a forceful exhale with your tongue out, three short breaths in and one breath out, etc. Love this children’s book (but for adults, too): Breathe and Be – Amazon. Mix it up and do whatever breath feels right but today, RIGHT NOW, take a moment and just breathe.

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It’s here! My New Podcast!!!!!!!

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The Seven Year Bitch: Me Time – latest podcast episode

Click, listen, review, subscribe, and share, share, share!!!!!!!  Here is the link to my latest episode of The Seven Year Bitch Podcast.

Me Time – Never Heard Of It!!!!!!!

The Seven Year Bitch Podcast

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The Seven Year Bitch Podcast

Subscribe to my new podcast based on my book, The Seven Year Bitch. Available on Itunes or Spotify! Subscribe so you get updates when new episodes are posted!

The Seven Year Bitch Podcast

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The Velvet Touch on Amazon – DEAL!!!!!

Grab your copy of The Velvet Touch as an Ebook for just 99¢ now through Jan. 9th. Buy it now!


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Amazon Giveaway

Enter to win your own EBook of The Seven-Year Bitch from Amazon! Click this link and like my Amazon page to enter. Can’t wait… Buy it now for just 99¢ through Nov. 27th.

Enter to Win

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Buy It Now!

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The Seven-Year Bitch – Excerpt on Blindness

Read on to take a glimpse into The Seven-Year Bitch. This excerpt is about when your partner can’t seem to see/notice/find anything at all and is driving you crazy; followed by some gratitude and big picture questions.


Has it become apparent to you that your husband is gradually becoming blind? This is much like hearing loss in the fact that seemingly out the blue, your husband will not be able to find things anymore. This is to be expected after several years of marriage but bear in mind–there is something you can do about it!

* Does your husband often ask you where something is–perhaps in the refrigerator, only to find it not two seconds later?

* Does your husband tell you that something of his is not where it should be–perhaps a shirt, only to have you find it–exactly where it should be?

* Does your husband conveniently not see the kids playing with finger-paint on your new carpet?

* Does your husband not notice that your young children have flipped through the channels on the remote control and are watching some movie like Fatal Attraction?

* Is your husband oblivious to the fact that your first grader is about to walk out the door on the way to school with his shoes on the wrong feet or perhaps a shirt on inside out?

* Does he not see you racing around the house after dinner trying to pack bags, get lunches ready for the morning, set clothes out, get library books in backpacks, throw a load of clothes in the washer, finish the dishes, and get homework done–all by 8:00? Don’t forget the brushing of teeth, jammies, and books before bed, too!

If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, blindness has begun. Don’t worry! There are certain steps you can take in order to slow down the effects of blindness or even help him regain sight–yes, reverse his blindness!

  1. Since your husband is having difficulty in seeing things, be sure to put things directly in front of him. Example: pick up the child covered in paint and put him right on your husbands lap. Then, he will see!
  2. When racing against the clock in finishing a list of “to do’s”, make sure that you slow down when you pass the television–in fact, you may even want to stop directly in front of it (especially during sporting events) so that your husband can easily see you and notice that you need a little help.
  3. Take a picture! That sweet child leaving for school with hair sticking out and a glob of hair gel in front because he was trying to be just like dad–take a picture. Be sure to slip it into a coat pocket or briefcase so that it may be a big surprise for him later!

Take a Glimpse

When you’ve come to a point in your marriage, in which you believe that your husband is actually blind–take a moment and try to remember the things that he does see. The next time you are tempted to focus on something he doesn’t see, I encourage you to make what he does see the focal point instead.

Think about all of those things that he does see!

* Seeing you walk down the aisle on your wedding day left him speechless. He became the luckiest man in the world that day.

* Does he see the slightest squint in your eyes and immediately know that you have a headache?

* Did he see out of the corner of his eye, a car racing around the corner just in time to grasp your two year old out of harms way–keeping him safe and sound?

* Did he see you looking longingly at that necklace while you were out window-shopping? Was that look embedded in his mind so much so, that he wanted to see you look like that again and thus, went back later to buy the necklace for you–just to see that look again?

* Does seeing your smile from across a crowded room, make him smile, too?

* Does seeing a look of anguish on your child’s face cause your husband to drop everything, scoop up that child, and do everything in his power to make it better?

* Did seeing your children being brought into this world cause him to cry? He wouldn’t have missed seeing that for the world.

* The first time he saw your baby smile–he sat making faces at that baby for an hour, just hoping that he could see her do it again!

Remember what he does see when you’re tempted to gripe about what he doesn’t.

Remember that men and women see differently – keep that in mind.

Remember love is blind–not our husbands!

Remember that you love him and he loves you.

When all else fails, call your girlfriends!

Buy it now!

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Mini-mall Vendor Event

Join me and other local vendors for a holiday shopping spree. I’ll have my latest children’s book, Babies and Old Ladies available for purchase/signing! Get a little Holiday Shopping done!!!!!!!!

6474 Ward Rd.

Arvada, Co 80004

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The Velvet Touch – 99¢!

Get your Ebook copy of The Velvet Touch Sept. 18-25 for just 99¢!                            

Luke and Allie are a young, newly-married couple living in the
suburbs of Colorado, about to start a family together and with
what most would describe as a perfect life. They are so much in
love with each other and this new life they have begun, that
they are clearly under the impression that nothing can tarnish
this wonderful world they live in. Unbeknownst to Luke and Allie,
an intruder is about to make their perfect little world come
crashing down around them. Not only does evil touch them but
in fact, it infiltrates their lives. This evil comes in the form of
Velvet – a young woman who is desperate to gain access to
Luke and his life, without the burden of Allie. Even as Luke and
Allie begin to realize what is happening, they rationalize and
create explanations for unexplainable occurrences simply
because they cannot believe what is in fact true – someone has
been in their house. Not only has someone been in their house,
but that someone, has spent hour upon hour rummaging
through each and every drawer, closet, cupboard, and room.
Who is this person and what does she want? When will she
stop? Or will she?

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